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  • The main objective of ISAUA Game Night group is to provide an environment for friendly interaction through games (board games, card games, computer games, etc.) between interested Iranian students of University of Alberta, to help them reduce the stress of daily academic work and find new friends.
  • At the moment, we are planning to start regular game nights depending on the number of interested students and volunteers to help running the events.
  • For future, we are envisioning to begin different game clubs or classes depending on available interested students and volunteers.
  • All interested students are invited to contact the group representative via e-mail and inform him about the games they are interested in and the degree to which they are willing to engage in running an event (e.g., participant, volunteer, judge, instructor, etc.).


  • Event participants must be current or former Iranian students of university of Alberta.
  • There will be no “winners” or “losers” in any of our game events. The main objective of the events are having a fun time and enjoying a stress free night. None-the-less, in some events, we may provide some gifts, as a token of memory, to the players who outperform other participants.
  • The ISAUA Game night group has zero tolerance for abusive language, violence, aggression, or racial discriminatory comments toward other players, volunteers, or judges of the events. We strongly recommend that participants keep their composure and good conduct during the events and follow the etiquettes of the games. Violators will be banned from the games and participating in future events of this group.
  • The above are the fundamental rules for participating in ISAUA Game Night events. Never-the-less, each game may have some certain rules according to its nature that will be announced in an information sheet at the time of organizing each event. Other general rules may be announced, if needed, on ISAUA web page and Facebook page in future.

Participants are informed that ISAUA Game night group has no insurance coverage for participants in any off campus or on campus events. Participants are recommended to make sure they have necessary coverage for any sort of incident that may require them to have an insurance coverage. 

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Game Night

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