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Football Rep. : Morteza Ghadirian


  • The intent of this group is only a fun oriented event just like other ISAUA events to play some Football with our Iranian friends at University of Alberta.
  • During the Winter semester we attend the week day drop ins in Pavilion from 9 AM to 1 PM to play Football
  • During spring, summer and fall semesters we play outdoor football in Lister field or other outdoor Football fields in university area.


  • ISAUA members and non-members are welcome to join as long as they make sure they have permission to use University of Alberta recreation facilities ( Full-time students or paid the recreational fee for the month)
  • The sole purpose of this group is having fun with friends and other Football players and no violent challenge or misbehaviour is tolerated
  • You are obligated to wear shin guards all the time during the indoor and outdoor football events
  • Proper outdoor shoes are mandatory as well since there has been incidents on outdoor fields due to improper shoes
  • For outdoor Football events ISAUA is not responsible for providing any services or equipment such as transportation, nets, ball or shin guards even though we might bring a few items

Insurance Information:

In all of the programs mentioned above neither ISAUA nor the Football representatives are responsible for the safety, transportation or medical services in case of any emergency. The attendance of any programs mentioned above implies the full knowledge of the terms and conditions be the attendee and his/her acceptance as well.

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The First ISAUA Sport Olympiad - Soccer Games October 4, 2014

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ISAUA Sport World Cup 2014 -Iran v Bosnia and Herzegovina June 25, 2014

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ISAUA Sport World Cup 2014 - Iran v Argentina June 21, 2014

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2014 FIFA World Cup - Iran vs Nigeria June 16, 2014

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