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Membership benefits

ISAUA is a non-profit association whose financial needs are met mainly by its members. The charged membership fee is used as a back up for expenses and will return to members in the form of discounts on the tickets for several events in one year. There are some external financial sources as well which only members can take advantage of.
You are encouraged to join ISAUA as soon as you decide to take part in the future events since it helps us organize them more effectively.
Having more members allows us to attract more fund from our sponsors as they will see that they are being promoted to a bigger community.
As a member of ISAUA you will have privilege to:

1. Enjoy Free Events
ISAUA members can participate free of charge in ISAUA events such as movie nights.

2. Use ISAUA Events Discount
All the ISAUA members will enjoy %15~%35 discount on each event. The total discounts will be much more than the membership fee!

3. Vote in the ISAUA Election
Members can vote for the next board of ISAUA executives and nominate for the next election..

4. Get the benefit of discounts on a variety of products and services in Edmonton
ISAUA members will enjoy discount rate in some Iranian restaurants, Iranian grocery store, Photography, Butcher, Hair Salon. you can see the updated list of these businesses in discount zone page


Part 2- Membership

Any person, whether Iranian or not, who is interested in the purpose and activities of ISAUA is eligible for membership, provided that (a) the membership fee is paid, and (b) ISAUA’s as well as the University of Alberta requirements for student groups are met.

There are 4 classes of membership:

  1. Executives: Members who were elected as the officers of the group by other members and will be officially responsible to manage the group financial affairs and activities. They MUST be a current student of the University of Alberta during the tenure or at least at the time of elections. Executives are exempted from paying the membership fee. They also make all decisions about and are responsible for the operational matters of the group.
  2. VIP: The former executive committee members and the funders of the group automatically receive permanent VIP membership status. These individuals are also exempted from paying the annual membership fee.
  3. Representatives: representatives are the volunteers who chair each of the subgroups of ISAUA such as Literature group, music group, sport group, etc. These individuals are exempted from paying the membership fee during their tenure. They will be assigned by the VP internal and will coordinate the activities related to their group
  4. General members: The rest of the members are general members who become a member by paying the annual membership fee. 2/3 of the general members must be students of the University of Alberta. General members have the right to vote and elect the executive members, participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and vote for changes to the constitution. General members who are students of the University of Alberta can nominate themselves as candidates for the executive committee elections.
  5. The non-refundable annual membership fee is announced by executive committee at the beginning of the association year. This fee can be waived in special cases if the board decides so. This may apply, for instance, to those whose contribution has remarkably helped ISAUA function better.
  6. “2/3 of all members must be students at the University of Alberta”.
  7. General and Executive classes of Membership are valid for one year. All members are required to renew their memberships every year.
  8. The executive committee preserves the right to cancel any membership in the case of the member’s offending and unacceptable behaviour. In such case the membership fee will not be refunded. The case will be studied and discussed among the executive committee members.
    1. The accused person may decide whether to defend him/herself in front of the Council Members or only before the Executive Members.

How to become a member

ISAUA Membership Card

ISAUA Membership Card

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“ISAUA Membership Program: October 15, 2016 – October 31, 2017.”

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