1st ISAUA Sport Olympiad – Soccer Games

The First ISAUA Sport Olympiad Soccer

When: October 4, 2014

Time: 3:00 PM

Where: Pavilion – University of Alberta

The Soccer tournament is designed so that friends can play together and that their team will play against teams of similar ability.  An intimate knowledge of the game or the skills of the game is not necessary as the environment we strive to create is one where people feel welcome to learn the game and are supported in their quest to increase their knowledge and skills.

There must be 4 players in each team (At least one (1) from each gender) and each team is allowed to have 4 substitutes.

You must register your team here with at least 4 players by September 3rd in order to be eligible for the tournament.

The participation cost for members is 5$/team and for non-members is 10$/team.

The tournament will be held at the main gym (Pavilion) in University of Alberta and the exact date is to be announced (It will be mid-September) after all the teams are registered on September 3rd.

ISAUA Soccer Games

The winner of this tournament receives the “The First ISAUA Sport Olympiad” championship trophy.

In any activity, there is always risk of a serious accident or injury occurring. Please consider this before participating and make sure you are covered by adequate insurance. Please remember that the onus is on the individual to make sure he/she has ample insurance to handle any eventuality.

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The First ISAUA Sport Olympiad – Soccer Games October 4, 2014
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1st ISAUA Sport Olympiad – Soccer Games