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Movie Nights Rep. : Kara Abdolmaleki


  • Do you like movies? Well then, join us once biweekly for a great masterpiece at U of A!
  • Everyone loves going to the movies, but nobody likes paying the inflated ticket price or the outrageous prices! With ISAUA Movie Nights, you get the full theatre experience – a massive screen, all your friends, at no (?)/ Little (?) cost at all! (Member / non -member)
  • Each semester, ISAUA Movie Nights screen hit movies for all to enjoy with the ease and comfort of being on campus.
  • In coming weeks, we’ll be looking for your suggestions. We want to know what movies you want to see. We really do!


  • Bring your family and friends
  • Wear your PJs, bring your blanket and pillow
  • Get comfy and enjoy the movie!

Upcoming Events

ISAUA Movie Night November 20, 2015

Past Events

ISAUA Movie Night November 6, 2015

Movie Night October 23, 2015


ISAUA Movie Night - November 20, 2014

ISAUA Movie Night No 7

ISAUA Movie Night No6

ISAUA Movie Night No 5

ISAUA Movie Night No 4

ISAUA Movie Night No 3

ISAUA Second Movie Night

ISAUA First Movie Night

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ISAUA Movie Night November 20, 2014

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ISAUA First Movie Night - May 23, 2014

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Movie Nights Rep.