ISAUA Yalda Night 2015

ISAUA Yalda Night Party

A memorable celebration of Iranian culture and heritage in the heart of University of Alberta, including live traditional Iranian music, treats (Iranian noodle soup AKA “Ashe- reshteh”, fruits and nuts), contest, DJ and dance.

When: Friday, 18 December 2015

Time: 7:30 pm -12:30 am

Where: Dinwoodie Lounge | Students’ Union Building (SUB) 2nd floor | University of Alberta


ISAUA’s $15 Membership Fee + $5 Yalda Party Ticket (before December 15, 2015) – “SOLD OUT”

ISAUA’s $15 Membership Fee + $10 Yalda Party Ticket (on December 18, 2015) – “SOLD OUT”

$20 Yalda Party Ticket at the door (Cash only) **ISAUA Membership Program is not included!

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ISAUA Yalda Party – December 18, 2015
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