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We do group biking through biking trails inside Edmonton.


  • Please provide your own bike
  • Please be at the start point at the time
  • It’s a group biking rather than a race. Please move with the group and instead of attacking off the front let the person ahead decide about moving back
  • If your bike is not fast enough or you are tired, please move back and let others outpace
  • Do not overlap wheels and keep enough distance and also do not to get separated from the group
  • Be predictable. Please do not break quickly and unexpectedly

ISAUA Biking

Insurance Coverage:

ISAUA Biking Group doesn’t have any insurance coverage and the responsibility of any accident is under individuals’ insurance coverage.

Past Events:

ISAUA Riverside and Hawrelak Park Biking

Photo Gallery:

ISAUA Riverside and Hawrelak Park Biking – June 7, 2014
42 photos


Biking Rep.