How to Become an Academic in North America?

How to Become an Academic in North America?

How to Become an Academic in North AmericaBecoming a University professor is one potential career option for PhD students after graduation. But how easy is to obtain such positions? What are the main duties of a faculty member in North American Universities and how different are those in Iranian schools? What are the most important evaluating parameters? What are the appropriate time and approach to apply for faculty positions? Financially considering and compared to industrial jobs, how profitable are such careers?

To find the answers to these questions, join us on the very first scientific seminar by the new ISAUA committee. Within this 1.5 hours panel, three of Iranian engineering faculty members at the University of Alberta will discuss all the relevant topics and answer your questions. So you can send us your questions via the link provided below no later than 4th of April to be categorized and answered by our invited speakers. There would also be sometimes at the end specified for questions and answers.


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